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Property management and home ownership

  • Property management in accordance with the relevant provisions of real esate law and in accordance with the Austrian association of real estate and asset trustees.
  • Management of escrow account as well as a seperate reserve account in the name of the house association according to WEG 2002.
  • Co-owners can access and gain insight on bank accounts via online banking at any time upon request.• Prescribe monthly payments for all property expenses. Rates are subject to change year-round.
  • In charge of monitoring and paying of suppliers, home and maintenance companies; oversight of discount periods.
  • We take care of all correspondence relating to management of the property.
  • Organization of maintenance work such as outdoor construction, heating systems, and elevators, as well as finding offers and closing maintenance contracts, insurances, etc.
  • Tendering and awarding as well as constant control of home maintainance services.
  • Regular on-site inspections— with the assistance of experts if necessary (costs of external service providers not included).
  • Multi-year maintenance plan, based on the budget and prescription of the maintenance reserve. Mandatory additional costs for property maintenance may apply if costs cannot be covered by maintenance reserve.
  • Organization of minor works, as well as repairs and maintenance work on building and technical facilities. When tendering projects that will require a larger amount of repairs, we will take in more offers to consider.
  • Closing, monitoring, and adjustment of the property’s insurance coverage, representation in the event of insurance claims.
  • For central heating systems, we measure all costs and pass on the collected data and community usage to an approbiate billing service, adding the costs to the annual statement.
  • Creation of an operating/heating cost account until June 30th of the following year in accordance with the statutory provisions of the WEG and taking the homeowners' association valid rulings into account.
  • Monitoring of monthly payments and proper dunning according to commercial principles.
  • In case of severe outstanding payments by a tenant we inform co-owners and initiate necessary measures to secure money claims.
  • Hosting regular owner meetings and carrying out necessary majority decisions in accordance with the regulations of  WEG 2002 (every 2 years).
  • Representation at financial and administrative institutions within the framework of the issued authorisation.
  • Billing service of all employees’ wages.
  • Draft and allocation of annual sales tax declaration.
  • For the managment of apartment buildings and commercial properties we offer specialised services to meet all your needs.
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Zentrale Saalfelden
Färberstraße 6,A-5760 Saalfelden
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